with samples below

Some are already available for purchase - further information about availability and prices:  

Two Pieces for Piano in an Impressionistic style - Bristol 1973

Prayer of Dedication (cantor, choir and congregation, organ) Northwood 1974 (sample below)

Psalm 77: I Cried Aloud to God (SSA and piano) Derby 1976 (sample and recording below)

Canonic Sanctus (choir, organ, band and congregation ) Derby 1976

'For Our Sake' - a folk Passion (incorporating songs by local composers: choir, soloists, piano, organ, band                                      and congregation) - Derby 1978

The Friesland Sketches for Orchestra - Sandiacre 1979

The Friesland Concerto for Orchestra - Sandiacre 1980

Mass for Mens' Voices (Kyrie, Sanctus, Agnus) - Waltham Abbey 1982

Three Meditations on the Holy Spirit (organ) - Waltham Abbey 1983

Transcription (manuscript) of 12 Psalm settings from Robert Tailour's Sacred Hymns 1615 (lute or orpharion, viols, lyra viol and 5 voice parts). See under 'Robert Tailour project'. Psalms 16 and 137 set in Sibelius.

The Waltham Abbey Sanctus (choir, baritone solo, organ) - Waltham Abbey 1985

Genevan Psalm 8 (organ arrangement of Louis Bourgeois’ melody); pubished in On Being Human: Imaging God in a                      Modern World Calvin Seerveld (ed.) Welch Publishing, Ontario, 1988

Now the Green Blade Riseth - an Easter carol arrangement (SATB) - Waltham Abbey   1986

Sing Lullaby (The Infant King) - carol arrangement SSATB - Waltham Abbey 1986 (sample below)

Psalm 134: a responsorial setting for cantor, congregation and organ or piano - London 1987 (sample below)

Five arrangements for worship band at SOMA88 conference - Canterbury 1988

All Praise to Christ our King (arrangement of a carol by Lorraine Norton) unison voices, recorder or flute, guitar,                             percussion – London 1989 (sample below)

We Shall Glorify (arrangement as a 2-voice canon in a neo-Baroque style of a song by Lorraine Norton): upper voices,  two solo instruments, continuo –  London 1989  (published in 'Christian Music' magazine) (full score below)

In the Beginning: An Advent Carol (baritone solo + SATB)  – Enfield 2001

Lord Give Me Faith - an anthem for upper voices and organ or piano – London 2002

Concerto Canonica - for 2 solo instruments and Baroque orchestra – Enfield 2010 (samples below)

Chorale Partita for Organ on Jesu meine Freude (6 movements) - Berlin 1974 and Geneva 2013 (samples below)

An Advent Responsory SSAATTBB - Geneva 2013

A Christmas Acclamation - Geneva 2014 (sample below)

Toccata for Organ in a French Style – Geneva 2016 (sample below)

'For Our Sake' - a folk Passion (2017, a revision of the 1979 version co-written at St.Werburgh's Derby; for choir,                              soloists, piano, organ, band and congregation) Keynsham 2017

Two Genevan Psalm Tunes (harmonisations and variations of Psalms 2 and 8) 2011 rev.2017

Psalm 77: I Cried Aloud to God (SSA and piano) Kilburn 2020 (sample and recording below)

Psalm 16: Then thou preserve me Lord (an arrangement for organ and voices from Robert Tailour's Sacred Hymns 1615)

Sample pages from my Chorale Partita for Organ on Jesu meine Freude

Sing Lullaby (The Infant King) - carol arrangement SSATB 

Samples from the raw version of my Concerto Canonica - here for for 2 solo violins. Can be adapted to any two solo instruments for the concertino, and various instrumentations for the ripieno.

Psalm 77: I Cried Aloud to God (SSA and piano: revised and extended version of 2020) 

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